YCF YOU CAN FIGHT Krav Maga Self-Defense

Empowering People

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A totally NEW approach in self-defense

Forget about martial arts. Forget about your dojo and your master-instructor. Forget about heroic anti-terrorism tales.  We take a totally different approach in personal empowerment. Not only will you learn how to defend yourself in a violent encounter. You will also discover a gigantic force within you to master any live challenge.

Train your Body

Get combat-ready. Join one of the global YCF Krav Maga Training Teams to enhance your personal self-defense skills.


Train Your Brain

Take advantage of our premium online coaching programs to transfer the YCF Krav Maga principles into your daily life.


Become A Superhero

Never again be a victim. Unleash your power and become a member of the worldwide #NotMe Movement.