Come on, let's face it. After all, you know it for ages. If there were just one word to describe your true nature, it would be POWERFUL.

You are at the leading edge of creation. And you are here to live a powerful life to the fullest.

However, there are certain areas in your life, where you feel somewhat powerless. You know, those moments that make you feel rather small, weak and vulnerable.

Those events when doubt, fear, and anxiety take over. Those states of affairs when you are about to be the victim of circumstances.

These are the moments when your life is actually at risk.

And you know it.


Here at YOU CAN FIGHT™ we are specialized in one thing only. Empowering People is what we are here for. Truly everything we do is geared to make you strong again. We actually believe that no one on this beautiful blue planet must be a victim.

For over a quarter of a century, we are out in the field now to prove just that.

And we are proud in doing so. Thousands of passionate people have taken advantage of the unique YCF™ empowerment training programs so far. Those YCF™ Insiders have chosen to never be a victim again.

They have unleashed their full power to master any live challenge. And so can you. Let's go together.

Let's empower YOU.


We are experts in personal protection and self-defense. Hell no! We did not say martial arts!

So quickly forget about your dojo and your master-instructor. Forget about kimono and black belt. Forget about acrobatic ninja stuff and all the Bruce Lee movies you have seen.

We take a completely different approach to self-defense and personal empowerment.

Sure will you learn how to forcefully defend yourself in any violent encounter. But there comes so much more with it. You will develop a super-strong personality and regain complete control of all areas of your life.

Amongst others, our training programs are based on Krav Maga, one best-known method of easy to learn yet high effective self-defense.

However, here at YCF™, we take this concept quite further...


It all began in the 1990s, when Chris Schmidt started his career as a tactical trainer in the police and military sector.

Having a solid background in various martial arts, Chris frequently discovered that those concepts just did not work well in daily law enforcement operations.

Classical martial arts usually follow the you-have-to-train-long-and-hard approach. Yet, their techniques are often complex, ineffective and inappropriate when to be performed under stress.

When Krav Maga entered the scene, it was a clear game changer. This unique self-defense concept was easy to learn and easy to execute for anyone. 

Chris started to train Krav Maga with civilians, and also integrated it into his thriving coaching business. Without exception, the results were amazing.

In 2008 the YCF™ Network was established, while Tana Schulte joined the organization, bringing in her profound knowledge in scientific research and psychological counseling.

Together Tana and Chris re-engineered the existing Krav Maga Instructor Program and also developed various special training programs.

Furthermore, Tana took high-professional action in designing specific female self-defense trainings. Today she is the undoubted leading expert in that field.

Up to date, the YCF™ Network is carried by over 200 Certified Instructors and still going strong.

For just one reason - Empowering People.


Featured on

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YOU CAN FIGHT™ is frequently featured in international media. You can visit the YCF™ media archive here. However, we are even more honored by the compelling feedback our clients all to often give to us. Here's just a few.

That was cool. And ambitious.

Cool people and an ambitious and logical program. I was surprised how sweeping that weekend was. Definitely feel like doing more of that stuff.

Kai Bogedale

Thank you for YCF!!!

Thank you for your power!!! During medium fight I realized that my fear has no longer power over me. I was mentally fully focused and I was able to act instinctively. Looking forward to fighting again! Thank you for the YCF Principle!!!

Renate Katharina Schmitt

I am very impressed

I am very impressed by the high-professional and diversified knowledge of the supervisors. I made friends, had fun and I am happy that I joined the YCF network. Without that, I would have faced a boring life. And I am also impressed by myself. After this life coaching, I am full of energy and pleasant anticipation.


Stronger and stronger

An high-intensive experience. It's just electrifying. I can't get enough of that. It's so mindblowing to witness how everyone can defend themselves, regardless of size, age or gender. You are consequently getting stronger and stronger, hour by hour.

Melanie Fischer

This program changed me

I became more self-confident. The supervisors are really amazing. They did an awesome job.

Hanna Krauß




of Experience in Tactical Self-Defense and Personal Protection



of Experience in Scientific Research and Psychological Counseling


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Certified Instructors 


Male / Female 

Amazing Clients


In the YCF Zone, we have an army of amazing individuals hanging around. Come in and find out. 

"Who the f*ck is Chuck Norris?"

The Unicorn
President of Everything

The unicorn is unbreakable and immortal. Its horn can quickly put you to death or easily reanimate you. So we suggest you better not mess with the beast. Instead, get empowered by its magic force while joining the YCF™ family.

Besides, the unicorn is the most beautiful creature on the planet and the inventor of any martial arts joke you have ever heard (Now bow and say 'Oss!').


Any and All


CS YCF Krav Maga Self Defense

"You cannot teach a man anything. You can only help him to find it within himself." (stolen from Galileo Galilei)

Chris Schmidt
President YCF International

Speaker, Pepper, Freedom Fighter. As a tactical trainer and coach Chris has been working with people and organizations for over 25 years. Starting his career in military and law enforcement service, he quickly discovered his true passion. Chris is an empower-maniac. You will never find him lying on a beach or hanging out on a party.


YCF™ Krav Maga Supervisor

YCF™ Krav Maga Full Civil Instructor

YCF™ Krav Maga Law Enforcement Instructor

YCF™ Krav Maga Security Enforcement Instructor

YCF™ Krav Maga Female Instructor

YCF™ Krav Maga Kids & Youth Instructor


YCF International

Tana Schulte YCF

"My safety first. Your feelings second."

Tana Schulte
Director YCF Germany / CEO

A brilliant multi-level mind and most powerful activist with profound knowledge in scientific research and psychological counseling. With her steadfast dedication to empowering women, in particular, Tana has emerged as the leading expert in that field. She also enjoys paddling, biking, and hiking on paths no one has taken before.


YCF™ Krav Maga Supervisor

YCF™ Krav Maga Full Civil Instructor

YCF™ Krav Maga Female Instructor

YCF™ Krav Maga Kids & Youth Instructor



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